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European Action Plan for the Social Economy launched

December 16th 2021, the European Action Plan Building an economy that works for people: an action plan for the social economy “ (2021-2030) was launched by the European Commission. Built through the contribution of more than 130 organisations and experts, the document can be seen as a key tool to systematically incorporate the social economy into the different socio-economic policies of the EU, including industrial, innovation and cohesion policies.

The Commission proposes 38 concrete measures to be implemented in the coming nine years, in different core areas, including :

  • promoting social economy at local, regional, and international levels,
  • business support, skills, youth entrepreneurship,
  • access to funding and finance,
  • social impact measurement,
  • social economy contribution to the green and digital transitions,
  • social ​innovation.

The implementing phase of the Action plan thus offers new opportunities for the members of EBN, Impact Hub and EVPA, with the Better Incubation project referred to in the document as a good practice and inspiration.

In the Action plan, the European Commission also recognises, an importance that the mainstream business incubators have in the support of social economy entities (p.14) :

The Commission calls on Member States to encourage mainstream business incubators to extend their support to social economy entities, to improve business investment readiness support opportunities. The ‘Better Incubator’ pilot launched by the European Commission can serve as inspiration’. 

The partnership and cooperation of the three networks through the Better Incubation project should contribute the Action plan through development of social economy and social innovation ecosystems on local and regional levels. Throughout 2022, the project will continue supporting the  business incubators as catalysts of the entrepreneurial support ecosystem, experimenting with the inclusive incubation practices across Europe.

EVPA new publication : Navigating Impact Measurement and Management

A new report from EVPA “Navigating impact measurement and management – How to integrate impact throughout the investment journey” demonstrates how impact measurement and management is deeply embedded into the DNA of investing for impact and how it drives decision-making throughout the whole investment journey, from the definition of investment strategy to the exit.

This report summarises the main elements to be taken into account to measure and manage impact throughout the investment strategy and the investment process, linking each phase to the relevant steps of the EVPA five-step framework.

To clarify how the EVPA five-step process and other IMM initiatives are linked and complement each other, this publication also refers to different principles or standards throughout the investment journey, such as the Dimensions of impact of the Impact Management Project, the Operating Principles of Impact Management, the Principles of Social Value and the SDG Impact Standards.

This report is part of the research project “Navigating impact measurement”, and will be coupled with other research materials, such as a short publication mapping IMM initiatives, a series of case studies, and a series of articles on burning topics.

The report can be downloaded here : EVPA_Navigating_IMM_report_2021.pdf

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