Better Incubation is a project by LIAISE

Towards a more inclusive and impact driven approach
to innovative entrepreneurship in Europe

Better Incubation seeks to promote entrepreneurship as an impactful contributor to solve social, ecological and economic issues in Europe. The possibility to be self-employed and to create one's job could be more inclusively offered, allowing more unemployed, vulnerable people from under-represented groups to fully participate in society and the economy.

Business support organisations (BSO), in all their varieties, could expand their scope and increase their role by providing capacity-building and support services to innovative SMEs taking up the call to deliver in the sustainable transition. Ultimately, Better Incubation mobilises BSOs and related actors to grow their capacities and expand their outreach to inclusive and social entrepreneurs.

In this framework, Better Incubation offers training opportunities to peers (incubators, investors, BSOs, social actors) in Europe on how to adapt and modify their services to help social and under-represented entrepreneurs transform ideas into viable businesses and grow them by accessing new funding and market opportunities.

The online training component is developed alongside the two thematic pillars of the project:

A. The Social Entrepreneurship Pillar

The Social Entrepreneurship Pillar, with a Foundational Course on Social Entrepreneurship structured in 5 on-line modules, 1 in-depth training on impact measurement and a number of ad-hoc coaching activities delivered in 2021.

B. The Inclusive Entrepreneurship Pillar

The Inclusive Entrepreneurship Pillar, with 5 thematic focus sessions (one per each vulnerability group) and 1 session on barriers for inclusion delivered in 2022.

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