Better Incubation is a project by LIAISE

Better Incubation: a network of networks linking incubation actors for inclusive and social entrepreneurship

EBN, Impact Hub and EVPA collaborate to formalise knowledge exchange under the Better Incubation programme, powered by the EU-funded Linking Incubation Actors for Inclusive and social Entrepreneurship Project.

During the event launch on 27 January 2021, Ann Branch (Head of Unit, EC, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) highlighted the perfect timing for such a pilot project stimulating mainstream BSOs to broaden their horizons to social and inclusive entrepreneurship: ‘The timing has never been better; it feels like we are beyond a ‘tipping point’ in the sustainability debate. We hope LIAISE can contribute to this bigger picture by bringing these two groups of entrepreneurs onto the radar of mainstream business incubators and mobilising the collective power of European networks’.

On EBN’s side (coordinating the action), CEO Laura Lecci declared to be proud of leading this network of networks and to connect ‘unusual partners’ at the regional and European level, making the most of the different perspectives, skills and expertise towards a more inclusive and sustainable transition: ‘Together with our partners EVPA and IHUB, and with the support of Caritas Europe, Cooperatives Europe, EMES and ENSIE, we will work to provoke an ecosystemic change in Europe’.

There is an undeniable link between strong economies, prosperity, social fairness and sustainable development. Supporting those who support Entrepreneurial innovators providing new solutions to tackle the global challenges should be part of the equation as both a moral and economic imperative.

Already at proposal stage, LIAISE already received more than 60 letters of Supports from European innovation and inclusion players willing to be part of this eco-systemic change.


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