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5.0 : Entrepreneurship Capacity Building Programme launched on 27 April, by IPN, Portugal

New Programme on Senior Entrepreneurs “5.0 : Entrepreneurship Capacity Building” Programme

Launched on 27 April, by IPN, Portugal


The member of the Better Incubation CoP for seniors : Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN)  is a business incubator based in Coimbra Portugal, having a wealth of experience with supporting the senior entrepreneurs.

In their previous project Empreendedorismo 5.0: supporting seniors entrepreneurship in Portugal,IPN has provided support to the seniors’ entrepreneurial endeavors through an eight-week entrepreneurship capacity-building training and mentoring programme delivered in a mixed format.

On 27 April, IPN in partnership with  Fundação Bissaya Barreto (FBB Foundation) launched a new initiative 5.0 Cinco Ponto Zero – Programa de Capacitação para o Empreendedorismo (Five point zero – entrepreneurship capacity building programme) which will benefit from the methodology of the Empreendedorismo 5.0 project.

The new project targets seniors (50 years plus) and intends to expose up to 50 participants who have a business idea and need to be skilled on how to start a business, to the capacity building programme. The programme consists of an online training course combined with specialized online mentoring and 2 presence sessions.

The data from the 5.0 Cinco Ponto Zero will be also included into the results of the inclusive pilots of the Better Incubation project,  thus testing, validating and enriching the lessons learned and measurement and monitoring framework of the Better Incubation project.

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