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LIVE with Impact Hub: Why and How Should Social Entrepreneurs Engage with Policymakers?

Quote from Gabriela Gandel: Successful social enterprises and their support intermediaries must strenghten direct engagement with policy efforts and approaches

Social enterprises are key to accelerating the transition to a more just and sustainable world but often fail to understand and be understood by policymakers.

For social enterprises work to become mainstream and get the support it needs, we need to engage in policy initiatives. In this LIVE with Impact Hub session,  Gabriela Gandel, Impact Hub Network Board Director, will talk about why and how to do this and share  learnings with the Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool led by the OECD & the EU, as well as from the prominent academic efforts led by Ute Stephan, Professor at King’s College London.


Sign up here to join the event on Thursday, March 10 2022, and learn more about how impact-oriented businesses can engage in policy initiatives to build a better future.


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