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Social entrepreneurship: insights on its development, multiple nature and false friends | SEED Webinar

Social entrepreneurship: insights on its development, multiple nature and false friends


  • Unibo (Giulio Ecchia, Giulia Ganugi)
  • Politecnico di Torino (Paolo Landoni)
  • ART-ER (Kristian Mancinone)
  • Better Incubation / EBN (Chiara Davalli)
  • Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (Deborah Greco)
  • Fondazione CRT (Zoe McDonagh)
  • Incubator Sezana (Dorijan Marsic)
  • Fa la cosa giusta (Piero Brunod)


The field of social entrepreneurship is various and complex. It includes multiple actors and it’s developing more and more. The webinar aims to give insights on this field, presenting recent research data about Europe and Italy. The data helps to depict a clearer situation, even if social entrepreneurship is still growing and constantly changing. After the first introductory contribution, the webinar focuses on specific cases and approaches which favour the development of social entrepreneurship. Specific approach to sustain social entrepreneurship are presented, such as the tight partnership of a public actor with social entrepreneurs and incubators, and policy recommendations on how to sustain inclusive incubation. Afterwards, Italian and European actual cases of social enterprises are described and commented, in order to share with participants potentialities and criticalities of social entrepreneurship.

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Introduction (Unibo)

  • Kick-off of the webinar
  • Speakers’ presentation
  • Facilitating the discussion during the webinar

Entering the topic (Polito – Paolo Landoni)

  • What is social entrepreneurship, what is hybrid entrepreneurship, differences with non-profits
    • Examples and numbers from Italy (it’s a mess)
      • Benefit, B-corp, social entrepreneurship
    • Social enterprise survey (eu numbers) (it’s a mess 2)
  • Brief Introduction of the investors aligned with the different entrepreneurial organizations (philanthropy and impact investors + impact angels + )
    • Data from Italy on business angels
  • Brief Introduction of the other actors in the system, especially social incubators
    • Data from Italy on social incubators
  • Conclusion – it’s growing, it’s not enough, too many false friends

Regional stakeholders and policy recommendations for social innovation and social entrepreneurship (Kristian Mancinone, ART-ER + Chiara Davalli, EBN and Better Incubation)

  • Role of ART-ER as a public actor working tightly-related with the territorial stakeholders, among which social entrepreneurship and incubators
  • Policy recommendations realised by Better Incubation and endorsed by DG Employment on how to make inclusive incubation an opportunity for mainstream incubators and what role “public” incubators can have in doing this.

Cases of social entrepreneurship

Each speaker presents a particularly relevant case to describe entrepreneur processes aimed at social impact or related to social processes (such as social inclusion, social cohesion, social innovation, and social development). The presentation should include the achievements and criticalities of the cases to highlight potential useful strategies and conditions to develop similar projects in other contexts or by other actors.

  • FabriQ – Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (Deborah Greco)
  • EU|BIC Inkubator Sezana – Slovenia (Dorijan Marsic)
  • Fondazione CRT –> caso di imprenditoria sociale (anche internazionale) (Zoe McDonagh)
  • Si parte dal Bosco (“we begin from the wood”, –> Piero Brunod

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