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From incubation to acceleration | FUSE webinar

On Tuesday, 19th July, FUSE project organises the event “From Incubation to Acceleration”. The talk will be led by Liliana Ribeiro from IRIS Social Innovation Incubator Portugal.

The aim of the FUSE project is for social innovations in Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal to have support from a strong network of cross-sector stakeholders and promoters at a national and EU level.

Module Content

  • Social innovation ecosystem: the incubation and acceleration basics.
  • Incubation of social impact projects: the specifities.
  • Acceleration program: step by step.
  • IRIS Incubator – a portuguese case study.

Learning Goals

  • Understand the importance of building a social innovation ecosystem to support incubation and acceleration programs and discuss the ways to engage different stakeholders in the creation of this ecosystem.
  • Learn the different stages involved in an incubation program.
  • Analyse a practical example of an acceleration program.
  • Explore IRIS case study, a portuguese example.

Participants profile: Intermediaries and social innovation ecosystem builders | Professionals who are developing incubation and accelerations projects


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