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We are glad to officialy announce the winners of the Better Incubation Contest 2022 | Scaling Impact.

We received 20 applications that entered a 3 step evaluation process. Following a first screening based on eligibility criteria, 14 applications entered the second evaluation stage where each entry was assessed by two jury members.

Better Incubation Contest 2022 Scaling Impact Jury

  • Vera Egreja Barracho, Social Innovation Expert
  • Selcen Kutku, Manager and Co-Head of a|cube
  • Kelly Robin, Deputy Managing Director of PULSE
  • Flora Rosenow, Brand and Communications Strategy
  • Tobias Temmen, Managing Director of Solarpunk VC

Based on the evaluations performed individually by the jury experts, 7 semi-finalists were invited for an online interview and a final discussion among jury members took place.

At the end of the process, the following ventures were selected to benefit from the Better Incubation Scaling Programme, powered by EBN, IHUB and EVPA. Find here some informatuon about their ideas:


ARBO Technologies founded on 2021 by a group of 7 entrepreneurs based in Brno in Czech Republic. They develop analytical tools to evaluate non-forest trees. The aim is to enable them to prolong their age which maximizes the positive environmental benefits that trees bring in the cities, focused on scale-up in Europe & especially in the Netherlands.

By implementing their business idea, they are focusing on the promotion of SDGs 3, 11, 13 and 15 related to health, sustainability of cities, combating climate change and improving life in rural area. Arbo Technologies pays special attention to the preservation of the existing trees and fields in order to store as much CO2 as possible and thus generate a positive impact on the fight against climate change.

They also focus their efforts on raising awareness and educating people about the importance and the benefits of trees (as climate change affects everyone on the planet) and they are committed to prioritizing existing trees. Moreover they collect data on how effects affect trees through digitization and the use of big data & new technologies. Their latest objective is to go to Singapore and achieve more than 100 FTE around the world.


SALUBATA is a group of 4 entrepreneurs based in Paris, France founded in 2020. SALUBATA creates personalized shoes entirely from recycled material. They are reusing plastic waste from rivers, oceans, and wells which are currently blocked by tons of waste. That way they help in the improvement of life quality of the communities living in the area.

Their advantage is that their shoes are 75% cheaper compared to their direct competitors. Until now they PRODUCED just over 6000 shoes from plastic waste and they expect to be able to avoid 127.500.000 tonnes of CO2 in 5 years period. Also, 5% of every shoe’s profit goes to empower women.

They are focused on scale-up their idea along Europe thus recently they have secured an agreement with Amazon with the aim of scaling up to the 7 major European countries and reaching more than 100,000 customers in North Africa to improve the supply chain.

Lastly they focus on supporting SDGs 12 and 13 related to the circular economy and climate change, especially on fighting against plastic waste and promoting reuse.


Needs Map is a group of 17 entrepreneurs based in Istanbul, Turkey founded in 2016. Needs Map is a map-based digital platform that brings people in need together with individuals, institutions and organizations that want to support. It facilitates cooperation and solidarity through proven map technology and community-based verification function.

Needs Map focuses on poverty reduction, humanitarian assistance and disasters, related with the SDGs 1, 13. Needs Map aims to support local economic development and solve the problem of economic and social inequality at the stage of access to opportunities through humanitarian aid. It contributes to strengthening the solidarity and trusting environment among people and to revive local/global partnerships.

Needs Map aims to solve the problem of inequality and inequality of opportunity for all underserved communities and individuals in general. They have been successfully implemented and become fully operational in all regions of Turkey for 7 years now. The fact that many different needs in many different regions can be met through a single online system shows that Needs Map is applicable to other geographical contexts. Needs Map is very flexible in adapting to different geographies, as it does not need many human labor resources and a warehouse.

Their scalability plan is to be established in 3 EU and in 2 African countries to reach more opportunities thought their GIS platform, offering allocation perspective to problems and solutions with a map-based user interface where needs and supports are determined geographically. They bring transparency to the needs of those in need by allowing them to express their own needs, and enables supporters to support those in need in their neighborhood or anywhere else. It contributes to the increase of solidarity among people and the formation of a culture of trust.

The system proceeds with 3 components: Data Collection, Location-based web forms, Real-Time Visualization and Analysis. Needs Map details and visualizes data down to street names. It is easier for local governments to see the needs in their own field and act accordingly, for companies, by determining the needs provided on the platform, it is easier to implement social responsibility projects for the target audience throughout the country. Peer to peer transactions, reducing carbon emissions of social solidarity materials, easy scaling with local partners and contactless aid distribution can be added as features that make us unique among other institutions / organizations.

The three winners will be matched with experts from EBN, IHUB and EVPA that will offer them remote and in-person coaching and incubation services.


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