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Module 2 – Inclusive Entrepreneurship Deep Dive : Migrants and Refugees

20 April 2022 (10,00-12,30 CET)


This workshop will focus on a specific underrepresented group - Migrants & refugees. It create a safe and supportive space to offer inspiration and guidance for business support organisations, based on actions and methodologies already successfully implemented on the ground across Europe, to support implementation of inclusive practice.

The session will present :

- Learnings from our Community of Practice: Sharing research on barriers & solutions, best practices & co-designed approaches
- Entrepreneur & Practitioner Panel: Exploring the experiences & challenges of migrant entrepreneurs & BSO responses
- Spotlight: Considerations for working with Ukrainian refugees, with examples of practical innovations & responses
- Reflection & application: Throughout, we will identify implications for your own incubation services & support programs


Discover how to make your incubation services more inclusive and supportive of entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups.

You will learn from subject matter experts, social entrepreneurs with lived experiences of the challenges being explored, and business support organisations leading the way in developing and delivering inclusive incubation services. Line-ups for each workshop will be announced soon.

Come together with practitioners, social entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and leading impact sector organisations to be:
- Inspired by a range of best practices and insights related to specific underrepresented groups
- Connected with like-minded peers, with whom you can learn from and collaborate with
- Enabled to modify your services with knowledge and methodologies you can implement your teams


Mariama Njie - Social Enterprise Manager, Coventry University Social Enterprise, Enterprise Hub, UK
Hrishabh Sandilya - Co-Founder and Head, Project Phoenix Cyprus


Giulia Berti - Program Manager, Impact Hub Belgrade & formerly Impact Hub Istanbul
Mariama Njie - Social Enterprise Manager, CUSE, UK
Imo Ekanem - Creative Entrepreneur, Italy
Maureen Chacholiades- Cameroonian Restaurateur & Community Steward, Nicosia
Masha Volynsky - Coach, Therapist & Former Coordinator of the Consortium of Migrant-Assisting Organisations, Prague
Vlad Craioveanu - Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Impact Hub Bucharest

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